Q: How will you determine who is on the team?

A: We are an open enrollment club with three locations.  Athletes may train at one location or multiple locations.    

Q: What are the dates for the season?

A: Our club is scheduled year round.  The typical wrestling competitive wrestling season spans from October through March each year.  Our practices are divided into season sessions.  We have fall, winter and spring sessions.  Particular practice dates may vary, but typically, the fall season runs from September to December, the winter season from January to March and our spring season from April to mid July.  We typically take August off from practice and competition.

Q: How will registration be handled?

A: Registration for MHWC will be held on a pre-determined date and announced via our website, facebook, email notifications and other mediums.

Q: How will communication with parents be managed?

A: MHWC has an interactive, robust website that is chalked full of information and communication regarding practice times and locations, upcoming events, rosters and news. This website is our first place for communicating information that is pertinent to our wrestlers and their families. We use a free text alert service as well as email communications on a weekly basis.

Q: What are the team apparel requirements?

A: A very important tradition for the MHWC is our identity. MHWC-South wrestlers will receive a practice uniform as part of their registration. The practice uniform is required to be worn at every practice and will consist of matman lycra shorts and a dri-fit shirt screen printed with the MHWC logo. Additional apparel items such as singlet, hoodies, sweat pants, warm-ups, gear bags, shorts and t-shirts will be available for purchase on a voluntary basis. Each wrestler will be required to compete in a MHWC singlet while representing MHWC in team dual competitions.

Q: Will a USA and AAU membership be required?

A: Yes. MHWC is a fully chartered club with USA Wrestling. A USA Wrestling membership will be required for each wrestler that chooses to practice and compete with us.  USA Wrestling memberships are managed by the club administrators and is part of the registration fees.  We will attend a number of USA Wrestling sanctioned events, locally, regionally and nationally.  The MHWC-South is a member of the Pikes Peak Wrestling League and USA Wrestling membership is required for league participation.  Occasionally, we do compete in AAU events.  If an athlete will attend an AAU sanctioned event with the club, an AAU membership will be required and obtaining such membership with the AAU will be incumbent upon the individual athlete and parent.

Q: How many wrestlers do you expect?

A: It is difficult to predict, however on average there will be 35-45 wrestlers at any one location for any one practice.  Our facilities are big, so we are able to manage a large number of kids in our practices.

Q: What are the age groups that are able to participate?

A: The minimum age for MHWC-South is 8 years through 18 years, or 2nd grade through 12th grade.

Q: Where will you practice?

A: We practice at ThunderRidge High School. 1991 Wildcat Reserve Parkway Highlands Ranch, CO 80129 

Q: How often will practices be held, how long and what times?

A: MHWC will practice 3 times per week for 90 minutes each. Practice routines are pre-determined and follow a protocol of technique, drilling, conditioning and live wrestling. Each practice is timed with very little down time. Practices are typically held over the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year holiday.  Our entire practice schedule is loaded on our website calendar and is kept up to date.  Any changes in practice schedule is typically communicated well in advance and updated on the website calendar.  Practices span from 6:30pm to 8:00pm consistently.

Q: Can parents attend practices?

A: Yes. Our practices are designed to be technical, demanding and serious. We must maintain a high degree of discipline in the practice room in order to be effective. We ask that parents who choose to stay and observe practice sit quietly. Each parent will be asked to sign a code of conduct and follow the rules set forth in that code of conduct.

Q: How much will it cost? What is the annual financial commitment?

A: The registration fee for MHWC-South is $625.00.  Additional siblings are $225.00 each.  Registration fees cover our practice facility, USA Wrestling membership, one practice uniform, entry into the MHWC annual tournament at ThunderRidge and the Youth State Tournament.

Q: What leagues will the team participate in?

A: MHWC will participate in several leagues and organizations.  Our local league is the Pikes Peak Wrestling League.  We also participate in events sponsored by the Western Suburban Wrestling League, the Metro Junior Wrestling League, USA Wrestling, AAU Wrestling and other national organizations.

Q: What are the travel requirements for my wrestler?

A: The team will compete in several local tournaments through the affiliation of various leagues and organizations.  We also provide the opportunity for our athletes to travel with the team to national tournaments in various states.  Information about travel tournaments and costs will be communicated ahead of such event, as they vary from year to year.

Q: How many tournaments will my wrestler attend in one season?

A: There are numerous competitions to choose from each season. Our schedule will consist of several individual tournaments and a few dual team tournaments. Each wrestler can count on wrestling a minimum of 40 competitive matches per season.  We will participate in team dual competitions and we will compete as a full team of individuals at regional and state tournaments.  Additional optional tournaments will be available for individuals. A complete schedule with team and individual competitions will be posted to our website calendar. 

Q: How is MHWC insured?

A: MHWC is a fully chartered and insured club with USA Wrestling. The Douglas County School District and ThunderRidge High School are certificate holders and indemnified from any liability. Additionally, each individual wrestler of MHWC will be required to hold an individual USA Wrestling membership that is obtained by the club administration upon registration. Insurance certificates will be filed with the DCSD as well as ThunderRidge High School.

Q: Will MHWC host any tournaments?

A: Yes. MHWC hosts an annual individual tournament through the Pikes Peak Wrestling League each December.