About Us

Mile High Wrestling Club-South is an open enrollment, year-round wrestling academy with the mission of developing elite level wrestlers within the state of Colorado. We offer a high level curriculum to both kids (ages 6-14) and high school wrestlers. We have two other training facilities in the North at Mountain Range High School and in the East at Cherokee Trail High School.  

MHWC is different than many organized national "clubs". All of us coaches have benefitted from the tight knit community that is wrestling. We are devoted to our communities for the long haul. All of our coaches realize the opportunity that this sport provides young athletes to learn the values and disciplines that will carry them throughout the rest of their lives. We don't take this opportunity lightly, and it is our highest priority to not only teach high level wrestling, but to also teach our students the skills that will enable them to be good people, hard workers, and hopefully honest members of their community.

Mile High Wrestling Club is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. Each member of our coaching staff has wrestled at the college level or above.


What Other coaches are saying about MHWC:

"Surround yourself by the best!" That's what I did as a wrestler...and now as a coach. If you desire and have the passion to push yourself to the next level, then become a family member of the Mile High Wrestling Club and YOU will be surrounded by Colorado's best to prepare you for that next level and beyond…not only in wrestling, but in all aspects of Life. We at Western State Colorado University and the Rocky Mountain Wrestling Camps bring Jared Haberman and Tom Clum to our campus every Summer to not only help develop our campers, but our college wrestlers as well. We have many college wrestlers on our team that have been involved in the MHWC when we recruited them and we will recruit MANY more because they have been properly prepared for that next level. I only wish the MHWC was closer to us, so I could send my two boys to be continually surrounded by the best."
- Miles Van Hee
Head Wrestling Coach Western State Colorado University
Coached 6 National champions, 45 All-Americans. 3x RMAC Coach of the year. 2004 NCAA II Coach of the year. , 5x Colorado College coach of the year. And college coach of Jared Haberman.


"Having worked with Tom and Dan as college athletes while at the University of Wisconsin, I was always impressed with the technical skills they possessed and their character off the mat. Their attitude was contagious, they had the ability and influence to pass these traits to other athletes in the room. Those two are doing the same thing now with the young athletes that are in their charge, preparing them to take their skills to the collegiate level, and preparing them to become fine young men off the mat. Because of this, MHWC has become an important recruiting resource for our program as well as other collegiate programs."
- Barry Davis
Head Wrestling Coach University of Wisconsin
3X NCAA Champion
Olympic Silver Medalist 


"I have two of coach Clum's former students in my program now at The University of Virginia. Both of these young men blew me away with their knowledge of the sport when they got here. It was clear right away that MHWC has a great system and their students know that system. More importantly than what I saw in the room however was what I saw off the mat. These two young men strive for excellence in everything they do and Tom was a huge part of teaching them these important life skills. He really is enriching young loves through wrestling!"
- Steve Garland
Head Coach, University of Virginia
NCAA Runner-Up


"Mile High Wrestling: Tough, Gritty, Prepared, and Motivated. On the mat, off the mat, in all phases of life, Mile High Wrestling brings the most out of young wrestlers. Period. I have briefly witnessed the energy of the MHWC staff and I was impressed with how professional and personal they are. Every detail is considered when it comes to providing the best structure for development of young men in the sport of wrestling."
-Tom Brands 
Head Coach, University of Iowa
3X NCAA Champion
Olympic Gold Medalist


"As a long time wrestler and coach...one who has seen it all when it comes to wrestling training, coaching, camps, etc, I can honestly give MHWC my highest recommendation. They follow a plan, offer professional guidance, and are lead by men your son(s) can look up to. I'd send my own son to MHWC without hesitation!"
- Nick Purler
Head Coach, Purler Wrestling Academy